FaceApp MOD APK is fully packed with numerous photo editing features such as a fantastic set of face filters, effects, background color,  stunning hair color effects, and plenty more.

FaceApp is made for those Who want to change their selfie photos‘ facial expressions, hair color, and much more. Most people use this App’s age-changer filter effect to see themselves as young or old. They want to check what they’ll look like when they’re old.

FaceApp mod Apk
FaceApp APK Mod Key Information
faceapp mod apk

What about FaceApp MOD APK?

FaceAPP basic free version is feasible on the Google Play Store. However, I find that the free version comes with basic and limited features.FaceApp offers a free version that provides a decent set of features. It’s a great way to get started with FaceApp and explore basic tools.

But If you anticipate needing premium features in the app FaceApp will charge you $10 per month. But don’t worry about this Download this full pro unlocked APK and start using All paid and advanced features free of cost. 
The Pro APK is fully equipped with amazing face editing/makeup features. Let’s jump and check the unlocked & awesome features list and explanation.

FaceApp Pro MOD APK Features list!

  • No Ads
  • Without watermark
  • Amazing Virtual makeup filters
  • Age filters
  • Beautiful Smiles effects
  • Stunning Collection of Eyeglasses
  • Different Hairstyles
  • Natural-looking hair colors
  • Beard and mustache filter
  • Backgrounds filters
  • Vignette filter

If you are curious How does FaceApp work? I explain every FaceApp feature one by one in detail. so ready to transform your selfies from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Without watermark

In the FaceApp free version, the watermark on images doesn’t look good, it makes you look unprofessional. On the other hand, In this Mod APK, you can Download and share your edited stunning images without an App watermark.

Additionally, the apk is totally ads free which means no pesky ads disturb you when you are creating something special.

Most trending Age effects of FaceApp Mod Apk

Young to old  filter of FaceApp App

Younger to older effect

Try the most popular Recently Viral FaceApp filter! Famous stars use this filter and share their photos on social media, showing how they might look in old age. If you are curious to check your look at old age free download FaceApp MOD APK premium unlocked and try the aging effect feature.

FaceApp MOD APK Older to Younger effect (Relive precious moments)

This app filter lets you peek into your past and lets you witness the magic of youth once again.
If you want to Relive your or your loved ones young age you can do it in seconds by using this app fitter! See how you might have looked in those youth days, you can do it quickly and easily with this older-to-younger app filter.

FaceApp Old to young effect
FaceApp  Makeup filters effects

Virtual Makeup Effect

If you want to give your photos a new makeup look in a matter of seconds, then look no further! Makeup filters in this face editing Mod APK can transform your look in less than a minute.FaceApp makeup filters allow you to create dramatic looks! that you wouldn’t be able to achieve otherwise.

Beautiful Smiles Effect In FaceApp Pro Mod APK

Smiley face Photo Shows you more confidence on social media which Attracts a massive audience! So if you want people to engage with your photo try This APK smile effect! FaceApp Apk mod’s easy-to-use interface makes it easy for you to add a smile to photo.
The app provides different smile filters you can choose that perfectly suit on your portrait. Simply upload your selfie or portrait, select a smile and App AI automatically adds a beautiful smile to your face.

Beard and mustache filter library in FaceApp Apk

I see most Android apps offer only women’s Makeup editing features! But FaceApp Apk offers various premium features for both genders, you could say that “FaceApp Pro Apk provides a diverse range of premium features for every gender, from stunning makeup filters to trendy beard and mustache styles”. 

FaceApp Apk allows users to experiment with different types of Beard & Mustache and find their signature look.

Stylish Hairstyles and Natural Hair Color Filters

Hairstyles Changer

You can change your hairstyle by using the FaceApp filter effortlessly. FaceApp offers different hairstyles in hair changer filters including curly hair, long hair, buzz cuts, and plenty more.

Hair colors

FaceApp APK allows users to experiment with different hair colors virtually. Very simple procedure just upload your image and apply Hair color filters to see what you look like in any brown, red, black, or blonde shades.

FaceApp Backgrounds Changer

FaceApp Pro APK photo editor is fully equipped with powerful AI-powered tools. Notably, it offers AI background changer features that offer various solid colors and premade templates. 
So, you can easily remove unwanted background elements and use your desired background effect from the app’s versatile library.

Colors effects

If your photos look dull then use FaceApp premium color effect. These effects make your picture more vibrant and brighter. So, download this premium Apk and give your photos Pro level vivid look.

Face swap feature

Another incredible feature of this APK Mod is the fun of face-swapping! This fun photo editing activity lets you easily swap faces with friends, family, or even your favorite celebrities.

Change Your Facial Mood With The Face Impression Changer Effect

The FaceApp APK transforms your facial expressions naturally using the Artificial Intelligence in just one Click! You can Apply multiple mood impressions such as, angry, surprised Happy, sad fearful, and Much more. 

How to Install and download FaceApp Pro Mod APK

Downloading and installing Apk Mod on an Android phone is very simple and easy. Just one extra step is compulsory to install APK on your Mobile phone. We discuss this important setting in step 3! Let’s check easy methods in the below section and start Photo editing with the best premium Mobile Apk.

Step 1

Visit ModyEdge and find the Download Button click and obtain the Pro Mod Apk.

Step 2

Wait to complete the download. it may take 1 to 2 minutes depending on your internet speed. 

Step 3

On third party App settings Go to Apps > ‘Settings’ > ‘Security’, and enable ‘Unknown Sources.(its required for Any APK )

Step 4

Open your file manager > find FaceApp Apk file and click on install.

Your Apk file is successfully installed on your mobile device after following these simple steps. However, If you are looking for PC or FaceApp for the iOS version then check and follow these app installing guidelines!

FaceApp Mod APK for PC

Step 1

If you want to run Android Apps on your PC  you need to download an emulator on your system. In my finding, the Bluestack emulator works fine on your Mac or Windows PC for this task.  

Step 2

After the Emulator installation process ends, run the Android emulator on your PC/ MAC and choose the APK file that you want to open. Then you will be able to run Mod APK on your Windows successfully.

Step 3

After the Emulator installation process ends, run the Android emulator on your PC/ MAC and choose the APK file that you want to open. Then you will be able to run Mod APK on your Windows successfully.

FaceApp MOD APK For iOS Downloading Method

Step 1

Open your mobile Home screen, and tap on App Store.

Step 2

Type your desired App name on the search bar (e.g.., FaceApp, Picsart, Alight motion )

Step 3

Click on your desired App and install it.

Important  NOTE

To complete the App installation, you will need to sign in to the App Store.

Final Thoughts

We have provided a comprehensive guide regarding all the features of FaceApp Apk. Now it’s time to summarize it! FaceApp MOD Apk, latest version 2024, fulfills all your photo editing needs. Every Premium feature in this app is unlocked.
 Unleash your inner photographer! Download the most popular and trending app with 500 million downloads and 5 million reviews with a 4.5-star rating and start your photo editing journey today!

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