EnhanceFox MOD APK is the most ever comprehensive and easy-to-use photo enhancer app. With this, you can improve image quality up to 4x, restore old photos, sharpen blurry images, and more in just a few clicks.

Enhance MOD APK Pro Unlocked

EnhanceFox App Key Information

App NameEnhanceFox MOD APK
Size157 MB
Latest version6.0
Ratings4.3 ★
Mod infoPremium Unlocked
Updated on23- MAY- 2024
Compatible withAndroid, iOS, PCs
Google IDcom.changpeng.enhancefox
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Intro About EnhanceFox App

The EnhanceFox App is a photo enhancer app, that offers powerful one-click tools to upscale image quality. This photo editing app was launched by Raisingcabbage on Dec 2, 2020. This app aims to make users’ images clearer and more eye-catching. On this day, this will help you unblur photos and videos with its powerful AI cutting-edge technology.

Furthermore, you can also restore your old memorable black-and-white photos into modern looking digital pictures with its photo restoration and color correction tools. 

One of the app’s most impressive features is its AI integration with its tools. AI features in the EnhanceFox app handle all the complicated tasks effortlessly. This means users don’t need extensive skills to use the app and make images more vibrant, stunning masterpieces.

So, are you ready to say goodbye to your dull and low-quality images? Explore the article and learn more about the app features, drawbacks, and alternatives to change your portrait enhancement game to the next level.

Here are the highlights main features of the EnhanceFox MOD APK, that make your images more awesome

  1. AI Photo Enhancer
  2. Photo Restoration
  3. Color correction tools
  4. Sharpen images
  5. Remove unwanted elements
  6. Animated Selfies
  7. User-friendly interface
  8. No Ads
  9. No Watermarks
  10. Premium Unlocked

EnhanceFox MOD APK-AI Photo Enhancer


In today’s era of smartphones and social media, low-definition images don’t get viewers’ attention as much, even though they may have potential hidden behind the blurriness.

However, not everyone has access to expensive gadgets or the latest technology smartphones to capture high-definition, studio-looking photos. But worry not!

In 2024, thanks to many AI enhancer apps like Remini, Facetune, Lensa, and EnhanceFox Pro, creating high-definition images is possible at no cost and in less time.
Today, our pick is the EnhanceFox MOD APK, which denoises unwanted noise, improves image resolution, and makes them more impressive and clear visually.

Repair damaged photos and restore old Images

With this app, users can effortlessly repair damages, remove blurriness, and restore faded colors using the smart technology of the app. Start with repair tools in the app, simply upload your image to the app. Then this EnhanceFox APK tool scans smartly and fixes all image flaws like scratches, tears, stains, creases, water spots, and others.

Additionally, if you have a memorable old photo in B&W and want to restore it. You can with this app’s color correction tools. These app’s color correction tools let us fix faded colors, repair imperfections, and ultimately convert them into new digital photos.

Make your photos clearer and more impressive

Similar to the AI Enhancer and old photo restoration tools, the app offers to remove unwanted objects to ensure the overall image looks clearer and stunning visually. 

Additionally, using the app’s removing and retouching tools, you can eliminate scars, blemishes, and imperfections, making the image more appealing.

You can also remove the background and replace it with pre-made HD designs. And the best part is that all the tools work quickly and smartly. You don’t need any heavy skills to use them.

Boost Up Your Video Quality

EnhanceFox Pro MOD APK Before and after Video

In the initial stage, the EnhanceFox MOD APK only allowed us to unblur images. However, the good news is that you can now enhance video quality and also remove annoying noise from videos in a similar way.

With these AI video enhancer tools, you can convert blurry and poorly taken videos into high-definition formats. The resulting video will amaze you with sharper faces, more vibrant eyes, and a high-resolution background.

At the end, the app will freely allow you to export these videos and share your fully polished reels and short clips on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook Reels. I assure you, that you will gain more views and engagement from viewers on these videos compared to low-resolution videos.

Differentiate your photos from others with EnhancFox Pro APK

With this app, you can create animated photos, which will help change your presence on social media and share different content.
Currently, the app provides tools for you to add animation to your static photos.

By adding these animation effects to your photo. You can animate your eyes, dance your head from left to right and right to left, and even create the illusion of singing lips in your photos.
Imagine your friends’ reactions to these animated photos. I predict your friends will be 100% amazed at your creative fun additions and masterpieces.

User-friendly App

The app developer puts a lot of effort into providing a variety of easy-to-use features that make the app suitable for everyone. Let’s start with its most important part, its interface.

You can find all its tools, and effects on the top of the screen. Secondly, the app provides easy and useful AI features like AI image sharpening, removing, and photo & video enhancer tools.

These AI tools empower you to complete complex tasks efficiently with less effort. And last but not least one of the most user-friendly features is its multilingual photo editing capabilities, which makes it easily accessible for worldwide users.

With this feature, users can change the app’s interface language to various options, including English, French, Japanese, German, and more. By using these language options in the EnhanveFox app, users can feel more comfortable editing their photos in their local language.

This feature has contributed to the app’s success, with over 10 million downloads worldwide and an estimated 20 million images edited.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, users have the complete package of image editing tools to bring their vision to life. Start by enhancing images, restoring photos, removing yellowness from old photos, and more.

On top of that, this Pro APK allows users to access all premium features without any cost. Besides, with this Pro APK users can enjoy uninterrupted editing with an ads-free environment and create a watermark-free masterpiece.

Finally, the app gives you options to store your images in the app’s library, your personal gallery, or directly share your professional-looking creations on Facebook, Instagram, and anywhere else in the world. So, download the EnhanceFox MOD APK and transform your dull, low-quality pictures into super crisp and incredible ones.

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