Privacy Policy

Our main goal at is to ensure our visitors have a great experience. For this purpose, we need basic information about user behavior and search intent to deliver our best content to the relevant audience. We will disclose all aspects of what information we collect from our users on this page.

While this content touches on legal matters, we’ve kept it simple by avoiding legal jargon and technical terms for better user understanding. Further, you can send your feedback and other privacy policy suggestions in this e-mail.

Which Information do we use to provide the best user experience?

ModyEdge’s website uses cookies to remember your preferences or for advertising. We gather only basic data, such as device and browser, operating system, language, and time zone information. We prioritize user security. The data you provide to us, such as your name or email address, may be collected, but we do not sell it to third parties. We do not reveal your specific identity (like your name or contact number information). 

Why do we collect your information?

We collect your personal information to keep our Services secure and running smoothly, to analyze and report on usage, and to provide better solutions to your problems.

Third-party Advertisement

We use third-party Advertisements on our website these Advertisement networks use technology and Automatically receive your IP Address and other demographics to display relevant Ads on However, you have the option to block third-party cookies from your internet browser. 

We Kept the system secure and stable! 

we value our visitors and always try our playground stable. Therefore, we will identify, investigate, and prosecute prohibited, fraudulent, or illegal activities on our website.

How can you get in touch about this notice?

If you have questions or comments about this notice, you may contact us by post at: