Koloro MOD APK is fully packed with numerous photo editing effects and filters. With this Pro APK’s creatives filters and Lightroom presets you can transform simple images into special ones. So, download the APK and get all premium features for free.

Koloro MOD APK

Key Information About Koloro App

App nameKoloro MOD APK
Size62 MB
Latest version6.2.7
Mod infoVIP Unlocked
Updated onMay 19, 2024
Requires5.0 and up
Compatible withiOS, Android, PC
Google IDcom.cerdillac.persetforlightroom
Key Info Table

A detailed Intro About The Koloro photo editing App

Converting dull photos into vibrant, eye-catching, or stunning images is not an easy task for casual photographers. However, thanks to user-friendly apps, achieving the desired look in photos is easier than ever before. And Koloro app is one of those, that lets users transform their ordinary images into dazzling ones.

It offers many useful features, effects, and different mood styles of presets to enhance image quality. Whether you’re a beginner or an experience-level photographer, the app has something special for both.  

Additionally, its user-friendly interface makes it a great choice for beginners and professionals alike. That’s why we picked this app for you today. So, let’s dive deeper and learn more about it with our transparent and comprehensive analysis.

Here is the key features list of the Koloro MOD APK

  1. 1000+ Presets And Overlays Effects
  2. 20+ Advance Photo Editing Tools
  3. Aesthetic Filters
  4. 50+ Skies Effects
  5. Premium Unlocked
  6. No Ads
  7. No Watermark
  8. Effortless Transfer Files

Beyond the highlights of eight core features, let’s delve deeper into these apps’ functionalities to take image quality to the next level.

Level Up image quality with Koloro MOD APK presets

Koloro Pro MOD APK 1000+ Presets

Presets are a quick way to change the image look and feel. And this can be a big blow for beginner photographers. Imagine, you have captured a memorable picture with friends, but it’s dull. Don’t worry it can be the most pleasing and appealing photo in your phone library after applying the Koloro App presets.

Simply, upload your image to the app and select the presets from the 1000+ collection, each one has its unique look and atmosphere. You can try out all presets without any limitations. And choose your favorite one that perfectly matches your photo or video conditions. Within the app, you can find various styles of presets like vintage, fuji, cinematic, polaroid, and color pop.

Additionally, you can play with the app’s camera tool, which lets you try out lively presets for capturing photos or making videos.
Besides, if you’re a user of the Adobe Lightroom app, this can be another advantage for you. Now you can share your designs with the Koloro App DNG file-sharing feature.

Koloro Pro MOD APK presets for videos

Similar to the photo presets, video presets are another great part of the app. It means now you can upgrade your presence on image-sharing platforms and video-sharing ones similarly, thanks to app versatility. 

You can also play with LOMO retro, vintage indie filters, and VHS effects for editing videos for TikTok and Instagram Reels. With these presets you can easily transform your simple videos into cinematic masterpieces or old-era film looks.  Additionally, with this app, you can freely crop, and rotate videos to make them perfect for different video-sharing platforms.

Koloro Pro APK Overlays Effects

Koloro PRO APK Cinematic Presets For videos

With this Android app, you can overlay different effects and combine images for creative looks. It offers colorful and bright fireworks, which make your celebration event images more special. Besides, one of my favorite prequel-style photos looks achievable with the help of the Kirakira overlay.

Furthermore, if you want images more visually appealing and eye-catching by adding specific moods and atmospheres, you can thanks to the app’s trendy shadow, window blind, and sun blind effects.

In addition, you can experiment with other overlays like vintage, dust, smoke, and many more for old-style films. However, it’s important to note that, you don’t overuse these effects, use them strategically and thoughtfully to achieve the desired effect.

Edit photos precisely with advanced tools

Similar to the quick effects like, filters, and presets. With this APK, you can also apply advanced editing techniques to your photos.

Brightness: You can precisely increase or decrease the image brightness according to your preferences.

Colors: Color adjustments are a key part of image editing. With tools like the Koloro App‘s HSL function or other specific color correction software, you can adjust colors and achieve the perfect look that complements your photo.

Exposure: A well-lit image requires proper exposure. This useful tool helps you balance highlights (bright areas) and shadows (dark areas) of your image.

Additionally, you can make further changes like contrast, sharpening,  hue, and more. Besides, in the advanced settings, you can also enhance facial features by using image retouching tools in the Koloro APK MOD.

Level up the background with Koloro Premium APK

Koloro Pro MOD APK Advance Features

Background matters a lot more, especially in nature photography. Along with, presets, advanced tools, and overlay effects, the app also provides approximately 50+ sky effects and sky editor tools to enhance the natural backdrop of the image.

Use these stunning skies like the blue sky, sunset, and sunrise to transform dull skies into dramatic ones.

Make your own unique style presets

This feature can be found with the name of the personal custom recipe in the Koloro app. With this feature of the app, you can make your own custom recipe by combining different filters, effects, overlays, and advanced settings.

And save them in the app’s personal library for future designs. This can be beneficial to improve work efficiency. You don’t need to redo all the work from scratch. Simply upload your images to the app and change the look according to your pre-made settings.

Furthermore, once you’ve created them, the Koloro MOD APK also allows you to share your custom preset recipes with others via QR code, DNG file, and URL.

All-in-one editor

Similarly, to the photos effects,  you can also find different tools for video edits. This app’s versatility will enable you to create all popular social media content from one platform. The app offers a variety of video editing tools.

These tools let you add borders and crop videos just like you can with images. You can also capture engaging video content directly in the app and use presets designed specifically for Instagram Reels, TikTok videos, and YouTube content.

Final Thoughts

At the end of this comprehensive Koloro MOD APK review, we conclude that the app has the potential to revolutionize your photo and video editing experience. Its vast collection of filters, effects, and presets empowers you to create stunning visuals.

So, download the Koloro Pro APK today and share your artistic creations with the world.

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