Alight Motion Mod APK is an all-in-one animation, photo, and video editor with Awesome visual effects. The Alight Motion APK version is fully equipped with powerful features and tools for graphic designers and animation makers. Moreover, the major advantage of this Apk is completely unlocked which means you can access advanced tools and premium features without paying a single penny.

Download the premium apk and take your animation videos and graphics to the next level with this app! Alight Motion Pro Mod APK offers a vast library of premium tools, such as advanced layer editing, vector illustration tools, and 2K + stunning text effects.

Alight motion mod Apk

Alight motion key information

Alight Motion MOD APK

What’s Extra in Alight Motion MOD APK?

If you are a passionate graphic editor or animation maker and wondering about the best Android app for doing your creative task. Stop searching and look no further! Alight Motion APK is the best mobile animation, photo & video editor app ever on the Google Play Store. With this, You can Craft mesmerizing visuals, and breathe life into animations, by using a wide range of Aligt Motion Pro APK tools. 

Alight Motion APK is fully packed with Visual effects and keyframe effects. Visual effects in this APK make our graphic designs more attractive and engaging. plus, the App is packed with “keyframes” that animators love. keyframes help to define the starting and ending points and create smooth & controlled changes in properties of an element such as size, and rotation over time.

Alight Motion APK MOD All Unlocked features list and detail

The Alight Motion app free version is available on the Google Play Store, but the basic version comes with limited motion and graphic effects. Moreover, if you want to use its professional and advanced animation graphic features, you must pay the app subscription charges.

There’s no need to worry about this because you can use this MOD APK to enjoy all the pro features without paying anything. Let’s take a closer look at the list of amazing awesome Pro features we mentioned below.

Here is the list of premium Alight Motion Pro APK Features

  • Advertisement free
  • XML File Support/import or export
  • Without Watermark
  • Support All Preset
  • All Pro effects unlocked
  • Import Custom fonts
  • Subscription Activated

Let’s explore awesome animation, motion graphics, visual effects, video editing, and video compositing features in detail.

Keyframe Animation feature

Alight Motion APK keyframe animation

The keyframe is the most powerful and useful feature in Alight motion. with this, you can define your animation video’s starting and ending points to control any transition smoothly. This lets you control everything from silly jumps to epic explosions frame by frame.
Additionally, You can easily edit visual effects, transitions, and other app effects frame by frame. Moreover, users can create complex and dynamic animations easily by using this amazing Alight Motion premium APK feature.

Visual effects

Visual effects breathe life into animations, so give your videos a next-level look visually. The Alight Motion MOD Apk offers a versatile library of effects such as blurs, glows, Auto-Shake, Box Blur lens flares, light leaks, particle, and Bend effects. That means you have the opportunity to transform your videos magically by using these awesome effects.

Alight motion Visual effects

Blending MOD Effects in Alight Motion Pro Mod APK

Blending modes effect

Blend modes In Alight Motion APK allows you to define how you want to blend two layers. With this, you can easily adjust the background color, and add transparency to elements. Belding effects are used to create double exposure or add interesting overlays, and textures on your projects. 

You should Experiment with different blend modes to develop your own signature style, that differentiates your work from others and shows your creative vision. Elevate your edits and give your audience a natural, polished look using blending modes.

High Quality Download Format

Premium Mod APK Allows user to export their animated video in The best lossless formats including GIF, XML, PNG, Jpeg, and JPG. Additionally, the app lets you download your favorite image frames from the app library without any hesitation.

Further, you have an option in this app to Import custom effects and presets to give your project a personal touch. So, Are you interested in downloading the pro unlocked apk? If yes download the full unlocked APK  make share your creativity on social media to engage more people.
 Furthermore, you can save your editing frameworks as templates for next time use. This innovative feature saves users valuable time and also helps maintain design consistency.

 Lag free video editing experience with Alight Motion MOD APK

Say goodbye to frustrating freezes and crashes. This mod APK is absolutely optimized for smooth performance and work goods even on older devices. The app comes with easy-to-navigate and lightweight features.

app these functionalities are designed specifically for beginners. with this, users can use every tool of this apk without requiring a lot of processing power. So, get your work done faster with the fast technology of this app. There is no waiting, no lags.

All Pro Effects and Fonts Unlocked

pro membership all effects and filters are activated in this mod APK you can it lifetime free of cost. With this, you can access the entire Alight motion library of premium 2K+ fonts and effects. Plus, you can experiment with cinematic transitions, dynamic animations, and eye catching graphics.

Vector graphic animation effects

Level up your designs with stunning Vector animations on Premium APK mod. This feature allows you to create more cleaner and smoother animation videos with vector images. So, you can Animate 2D/3d characters vector graphics with this Alight Motion app feature. Vector graphic animation is perfect for web-based content because it can be scaled up and down without losing quality.

No watermark

Download your creative graphics and videos without the Alight Motion pesky Watermark and share your Royalty-free Images where you want. watermark in free displayed on editing material that looks annoying. On the other hand, With this APK, you can download your edited work without watermark.

We’ve covered the important tools of Alight motion but (AM)doesn’t stop there. Ready to push your creativity even further? Here’s the list of other useful features of Alight motion mod Apk.

  • Color correction: This effect allows you to adjust brightness, sharpness, contrast, and Hue to create vibrant color videos.
  • Masking:  This effect helps users to Hide and reveal any part in videos.e.g. blur background, silhouette, etc.
  • Rigging: Animating a character in a natural-looking manner requires rigging.
  • Multi layer editing: Combine unlimited video, audio, and image tracks to create complex compositions.
  • Trimming and cutting: Remove unwanted video clips With ease by using this option.
  • Text and titles: apk offers a wide range of stylish fonts with a built-in library that you can easily use for overlaying text on videos.
  • 160+ basic effect building blocks.

  • Solid color is a term used in graphic design to refer to a uniform color that is applied to shapes, text boxes, and backgrounds. It is commonly used in color grading to ensure consistency and create a polished look.

  • Chroma Key lets You replace a specific color with another image or video through the Chroma key feature, also known as Green Screen Effects.

  • Video Ratio: This APK has a large list of video ratios that you can use while editing animation videos in 16:9 widescreen format and (9:16) reels for TikTok videos.
  • Freehand vector drawing: draw digital freehand vector drawings using the Alight Motion freehand drawing tools.
  • Add Custom fonts: you can add custom text fonts with ease to personal touch.
  • Shape tools: if you want to enhance your composition with custom shapes then go with this tool.

  • Sharpening and noise reduction: Remove video unwanted noise and make your videos sound clearer and more professional.
  • Stickers: The Apk also provides a stickers library, stabilization, and much more.

We highlight all important features! with these incredible Alight Motion Pro MOD APK features you can create truly captivating videos and animation.

How to Download Alight Motion Mod Apk for Android Mobile?

Downloading Process Mod APK is so easy that you can easily install it on your phone by following the below guidelines.

Step 1

Find the download button on and click on it.

Step 2

The premium unlocked Apk automatically downloads on your phone.

Step 3

enable all unknown source settings from privacy settings.

Step 4

Find the apk on your phone and click on install. All done the pro apk successfully installed on your mobile phone.

Final Thoughts

We thoroughly discuss and explore APK’s every single feature and aspect. Now it’s time to conclude our detailed information about the Alight Motion MOD APK. This is the best image/video and animation editing mobile App for Android with a sleek easy-to-use and beginner-friendly interface. I personally use this application to create short cartoon animations the result of this APK really impressed me. So, unleash your creativity download the Pro Mod APK, and start creating content that moves.

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