Ready to take your product photography to the next level, stand out from the crowd, earn more, and leave an impression on viewers’ eyes?

Pixelcut MOD APK is a perfect app for photo editing, particularly well-suited for product photography. With the help of this mobile app, users can remove backgrounds and replace them with others, and apply artistic filters and effects, to achieve a clean and vibrant look photo.

It also allows you to erase unnatural-looking artifacts and imperfections from photos for a more natural-looking edit.

Besides, with this app, users create compelling and well-optimized product descriptions that boost sales and conversions.
Furthermore, the app offers pre-made templates, adjustment tools, and many more.

So, are you ready to catch the haul of the day? Let’s delve into the details. In today’s article, we will provide a complete overview of Pixelcut MOD APK.

Key Information About Pixelcut MOD APK

App Info Table

Pixelcut MOD APK features highlights

  1. Background remover
  2. AI product photo generator feature
  3. Magic Eraser
  4. Stylish fonts
  5. Filters and Effects
  6. AI description writer
  7. Collage templates
  8. Adjustment tools
  9. Shadows Effects
  10. Short video 
  11. Premium Unlocked
  12. Easy to use
  13. No Ads
  14. No watermark

Background remover

AI Background Enhancements tools Of Pixelcut Pro MOD APK

In photography, background enhancements matter a lot. Especially, in product photography, it is essential for achieving professional-looking results. 

Because the only products that sell out are those that look clear, capture viewers’ attention, and stand out from the big online crowd.

As this is important, at the same time, it is a very time-consuming and tedious task. It takes a lot of time when we do it manually. However, this time-consuming work becomes very easy thanks to AI photo editing apps like PhotoRoom, Canva, and EnhanceFox.

Similarly to others, the Pixelcut provides powerful tools to remove anything from a photo background. 

With the help of these handy tools, you can remove any unwanted elements from photos and achieve clean cutouts in minutes.

Simply upload your photo to the app and select the AI background removal tool. This intelligent tool will instantly remove the background from your image.

Magic eraser

A magic eraser is a special tool of Pixelcut APK that magically removes unwanted parts of an image. With the help of this useful tool, users can make their images more professional. With this specific tool, users can erase unwanted elements like unnatural-looking photobombers, distracting objects, logos, and watermarks in seconds.

How to clean up your images? Here are the steps

  1. Add your photo to the app.
  2.  Choose a brush from the app toolbox.
  3. Adjust brush size according to your preferences.
  4. Select the image area or elements that you want to erase from the picture.
  5.  Tap it, and voila! The selected parts of your image will be removed in seconds.

Replace the backdrop with your dream ones

After removing the background and erasing unwanted elements from the photo. Now it’s time to add a new classy backdrop to stand out.

 Pixelcut PRO MOD APK allows users to replace the background with solid colors and custom images to make their images unique and impressive from others.

Now here, it all depends on your situation and creativity. Within the app, you can add solid colors like white, classic black, red, or even your brand color using hex codes.

Here are my tips: If your product photos are light-colored then go with a dark BG.

On the other hand, if your front image is dark colored, then light BG will be a better choice.
Note: Products with White backdrop perform well in my experience.

Photo caption and description generator

This feature seems more prominent in this app compared to other photo editors. I haven’t seen this feature in other photo editors. Using this tool users can generate professional-type captions and photo descriptions for free.

This makes it easy for users to write captivating descriptions without ever exiting the app.

This app’s versatility keeps users entertained and productive at one stop. With this, they can do third-party work at this one place.

Premade templates of Pixelcut MOD APK

Premade Templates of Pixelcut MOD APK

The Pixelcut Pro MOD APK community members have created hundreds of pre-made templates and shared them with other members. 

You can freely access these templates to streamline your workload and gain inspiration for creating even more creative designs.

Different categories of templates are available within the app, such as YouTube thumbnails, photo presets, product-premade designs, and many more. You can freely access these templates and use them in your photos.

Artistic collages templates designs

Collage templates are rarely used in portrait photography. By using these, users can combine different oceans into one frame and give them an artistic style.

This feature is also valuable in product photography. By using these layouts users can combine different angled photos of a product in one frame.

The app offers a variety of layouts, including rounded, story, heart, circle, and other shapes. You can freely access these designs and choose a design that perfectly suits your image and creates a dreamy look.

Batch Editing

This is another great feature of Pixelcut APK. With this feature users can edit multiple photos at once. Ultimately it saves users time and streamlines their workflow. By using the batch editing feature, users can apply the same edits and effects to up to 50 images at once.

Imagine you need 25 images with a white background for sharing on social media. It consumes lots of time if you edit them one by one. In contrast, with this amazing tool, you can complete this project in a few taps.

Pixelcut Premium MOD APK Batch Editing tools

Shadow effects

Shadows from different angles and effects make the photo more appealing. You can explore various shadows, such as drop shadow,  box shadow, soft shadow, and others for free.  Furthermore, you can adjust shadow intensity to make your designs more realistic and dramatic.

Filter and effects

Using Filters and premade artistic effects in Pixelcut you can instantly transform your dull photos into vibrant ones.

Within the app, you can experiment with numerous filters like retro, black and white, vintage, and lots of other aesthetic filters available in the app. 

Moreover, you can adjust the color intensity of the filters to achieve your desired look.

Easy-to-use navigate features

The app offers AI tools for automatic adjustments to photos.  These tools make users’ photo editing journey a breeze. Additionally, the app comes with a sleek design, to ensure that users can find all the tools with a single tap.  Moreover, its other features like auto-save and direct share buttons make it more convenient for users.

Additional features of Pixelcut MOD APK

  1. AI Photo Enhancer: Using this feature, users can enhance image quality, and remove blurring, making them sharper with just one tap.
  2. Color adjustments:  With these tools, you can fine-tune photo hues, vibrancy, and light for the perfect look.
  3. Resize: With this, you can adjust your image dimensions without compromising on quality.
  4. Reel maker: Shorts videos perform very well, and this amazing app helps you create professional reels for your business in minutes.

Final thoughts

We have provided a comprehensive guide on Pixelcut MOD APK. At the end of this article, we conclude using this pro apk users can remove the backdrop, erase objects, apply filters, and enhance overall image quality.

One of the additional benefits of this apk is that users can access all premium features, enjoy an ad-free environment, and download all content without any watermark.

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