Prequel Mod APK is one of the best photo editing applications available for download online. The app offers a vast library of editing tools, filters, effects, and more. One of the biggest perks of this app is its unlocked premium features.

Users do not need to pay for its pro features. So, Click the button and get Pro APK without spending a dime.

Prequel Mod APK

Key Information about Prequel APK

App namePrequel Mod APK
Latest version1.77.0
DeveloperPrequel Inc.
Mod infoGold Unlocked
UpdatedJune 11,2024
compatible withAndroid, IOS, PC

How about the Prequel app?

Prequel Mod APK All in one Photo and Video Editing Features

Approximately 3.2 billion photos are uploaded to the internet daily, and everyone wants to make their photos stand out. But how? There’s a simple way to get noticed and stand out from the crowd. Transform your ordinary photos into extraordinary ones that captivate viewers’ attention.

Many editing apps offer many features and effects but are a bit complicated for beginners. What do you think should be done in this situation? If you’re a beginner photo enthusiast and looking for an easy-to-use mobile application, don’t worry.

 Here, we share an easy-to-navigate app compared to more complex photo editing software. Today, we will review the prequel app and show you how to use it, with full details and a guide. So, let’s get started examining the amazing app, features, and capabilities.

The prequel is an all-in-one and easy-to-use mobile app. The app offers a good range of basic to advanced photo editing tools. Recently the Prequel app has gained immense popularity among the photographer community due to its advanced filters and effects.

Prequel offers a wide variety of handpicked filters and effects for your photos and videos. You can choose from trendy styles like Kidcore, VHS, Dust, Indie Kid, and Grain, or add some sparkle with diamond and sparkle effects. Additionally, the app is fully equipped with other photo and video editing tools and effects. So, dive into the details and explore them one by one.

What is the Prequel Mod APK?

Prequel Mod APK is a perfect solution for those who can’t afford the app’s premium features. The free version of the Prequel app is available on the Google Play Store. However, the free version of the app limits users’ creativity by restricting them to basic tools.

In the free version, users can’t use advanced editing tools and pro filters without paying subscription charges. On the other hand, Prequel Mod APK lets users apply all Gold subscription filters and effects for free of cost.

Here is a list of 15 key features of Prequel Pro APK

  • AI-powered enhancement tools
  • Color correction
  • Selective adjustments
  • Built-in camera
  • Touch-up tools
  • Large library of presets
  • 3D effects
  • Text overlays
  • Pre-made video intro and outro templates
  • Animated text and stickers
  • Easy to use
  • Premium Unlocked
  • No Ads
  • No Watermark
  • High-quality export and direct share options

Filter and effects library of the Prequel Premium Mod APK

Prequel Pro Mod APK Effcets features

Convert ordinary images into extraordinary with just one click. In my findings, 10 million people downloaded the app from the Google Play Store to enhance their image and uploaded them on social media.

The Prequel Pro Mod APK is particularly popular among people because of its filter versatility. The app offers over 800 modern aesthetic filters including vintage, retro, Y2K, and more.

The app conveniently categorizes filters for users to provide the best playground. Open the app and choose from Film Emulation, Genre-Inspired, Light, and Color, according to your desired look.

In addition, most of the apps only offer colorful and themed filters. However, the Prequel app goes beyond the basics and values users’ emotions.  It allows users to celebrate their culture and festivals in their own style with pre-built filters like Halloween and Christmas.

Besides, you can make your festival content more engaging by applying the D3D effect of Prequel APK. With the 3D effect, you can turn your still images into 3D images, which is one of the most popular trending effects on TikTok right now.

Basic Adjustment

In some cases, We capture good photos with perfect poses, but the lighting and color correction aren’t ideal. In this case,  we need to adjust only these settings to make it unique. The prequel app rocks here.

Prequel Pro Mod APK offers a range of basic adjustment tools that allow you to fine-tune your photo and achieve the desired look. With these tools, you can easily create a stylish masterpiece. The app lets you adjust exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, saturation, temperature, and sharpening.

Prequel Mod APK Basic Adjustments Features

Make your inspirational styles yours

Want to emulate the stunning visuals of your favorite photographers? Whether you draw inspiration from iconic fashion models, admire the work of a renowned portrait artist, or are a fan of 80s or 90s films. Prequel Mod APK lets you change the look and feel of your photos with pre-made presets and filters.

With this app, you can experiment with classic presets like Kodachrome, Fuji, and Polaroid to transform your everyday photos into the film aesthetic of your dreams. Furthermore, the app’s capabilities don’t stop there. Also, you can experiment with Neon Noir, Action Hero, Teen Comedy, Vaporwave, Indie Kid, and Glitch to achieve an aesthetic look.

Prequel Pro APK other Fun elements

Create visually stunning photos and videos with the Prequel app to boost engagement on social media. Prequel Premium Mod APK provides boundless opportunities to create stunning masterpieces for digital playgrounds. The Prequel app lets you add animated text and stickers to your videos to make them more visually appealing.

According to my research, animated text and stickers get more viewers’ attention than plain text. It works very effectively in video intros and outros. So, experiment with animated text, and customizable stickers and see a significant difference.

Additional Features of the Prequel Pro Mod APK

Every day you see some adorable glowing influencer stories on Instagram and want to upload the same type of glowing videos on social media handles. Content creators mostly use beauty camera apps like Beautyplus and the B612 app. There is a bundle of apps like Beautyplus, Airbrush, and b612 that offer beauty effects and an inbuilt camera. 

This is a boon for prequel app users who don’t need to install an additional bundle of apps. The app provides users with a built-in camera to capture real-time selfies and portraits in one place. Prequel Pro APK Beauty camera feature can help you capture your own radiant glow, just like your favorite influencers. 

Additionally, if you want to perfect everything in your photos, including facial features. The app lets you reshape your facial features, including lips, eyes, mouth, and more.

Clean and Intuitive Interface

The easy-to-use interface of the Prequel app makes the user journey a breeze. The Prequel Pro Mod APK uses advanced AI technology to improve users’ efficiency and productivity. Through this app, you can beautify your photos in just one click with the help of AI technology.

Artificial intelligence is very useful for those who want to make their photos more attractive with zero-level skills. Additionally, this innovation helps pro-level photographers achieve even greater precision in their edits.

Consequently, the App is suitable for both beginner and pro-level photo editors.

No Watermark

The Prequel app offers both free and premium versions. The free version allows you to try the app’s core functionality but often includes a watermark on your work.
This watermark can be a logo, text, or pattern that appears on your creations. On the other hand, Prequel Mod APK users can access all premium features including pro filter, effects, high-quality export options, and save them without any app watermark.

No Ads

Take your editing to the next level with a consistent flow of work. The free versions display ads at different points, which disrupts users’ flow of work. In contrast, the Prequel Premium Mod APK offers a clean, ad-free interface to improve the user experience.

Video Editing Addons

Prequel Mod APK video editing Features

The app aims to provide a one-stop shop solution for both photo and video editing users. For this purpose, the App includes video editing features in its library.  Now you can edit your photos and videos in one place.

Simply Import your video in any format from your gallery and add pre-made video presets Giphy text, and animated stickers to make their content more engaging.
Additionally, the app gives you more features like trimming, cropping, color correction, and speed adjustment. In addition, you can apply premade slow-motion effects to give your videos a cinematic look and feel.

How to Download Prequel Mod APK for Android?

Step 1

Locate and click the Download button.

Step 2

Wait for the download to finish.

Step 3

Enable unknown sources from your phone’s settings.

Step 4

Find the downloaded file in your file manager and click Install.

Final Thoughts

We have provided a detailed guide on Prequel Mod APK.  We discuss all the features, including filters, effects, app interface, and so on. According to Jach, the prequel app comes with fast-loading features, which make it easy to edit and cut down on time-consuming tasks.
Additionally, Jach said that all features of the app are fully unlocked and 100% working. Download the Prequel now and unleash your creativity for free!

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