PicWish MOD APK is a modern photo editing app. PicWish Pro APK is packed with a wide range of photo editing features, including AI background removal, AI photo retouching tools, manual adjustments, fancy color filters, and many more.

Explore the full article to discover more about the PicWish app, learn expert tips and tricks, and achieve professional-looking photo edits.

PicWish MOD APK [Premium Unlocked]

Key Information About PicWish MOD APK

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What is the PicWish AI Photo Editor?

Edit your photos with powerful AI features to streamline your workflow and minimize errors. No matter the project size or complexity, with PicwWish you can complete it all with just a few clicks.

PicWish is a photo editor app with many editing tools and easy-to-navigate features. It provides basic to advanced features with a click solution.

PicWish uses cutting-edge technology which makes it more powerful and user-friendly. Using this app, you can tackle almost all photo editing tasks, from background removal and AI photo enhancement to precise editing – all within the app itself.

So, if you are ready to experiment with this app, take a look at the list of key photo editing features of the PicWish app below and decide which feature works best for you.

Here are the Highlights of key capabilities of the PicWish MOD APK

  1. Remove background
  2. Photo Enhancer
  3. Ai Face Swapper
  4. Background Enhancements tools
  5. Manual Adjustments
  6. Batch mode editing
  7. Perfect for online business
  8. No Ads
  9. No Watermark
  10. Premium Unlocked

Level up the image background and make it more beautiful

PicWish Pro APK background removal tools

Distracting background elements and unnatural colors can disturb the image’s look and make it less captivating for viewers. But worry not about this! using PicWish MOD APK background enhancements and removal tools you can effortlessly make your portraits appealing and stunning. 

Thus, start with PicWish MOD APK background removal tools to resolve this issue. Using this AI backdrop eraser tool of the PicWish APK, you can eliminate unwanted background elements and other unnatural things instantly. Additionally, with the app background replacement tools, you can replace photos’ behind the scenes with premade templates and solid colors.

Plus, this photo editor app goes beyond the basics and provides an AI background generator and assistant tools. Sometimes we need something special but we can’t find it anywhere.

In this condition, utilizing this tool, you can effortlessly create your dream backdrop with just a written prompt. Simply describe your ideal background in a prompt and this app tool will create and add a perfect background to your photo.

Enhance product photos and generate more sales

For those users who run online business stores, the app introduces its magical e-commerce tool. With this tool, users can make their product images look even more incredible, leaving a lasting impression on buyers’ eyes.

Similarly to its portrait editing features, PicWish uses AI to precisely identify and cleanly cut out product images from their backgrounds. Moreover, the app’s versatility empowers users to replace product backdrops with fancy templates and branded colors.

Furthermore, for those of you who are particularly conscious about your product image backdrops and prefer manual adjustments. You can do this with the help of the PicWish app’s magic brush tool.

A tip for product photography: Use a white background in the image because this color makes items look more luxurious. You can see the difference between other colors and a white background. I tried different backdrops but am most impressed with the white one.

Achieve a clean Image with PicWish Retouch tools

In 2024, achieving a clean and flawless look in photos is a breeze with the help of AI-powered apps. Like other apps, PicWish MOD APK Pro allows users to remove all photo flaws with one click.

PicWish Pro MOD APK Photo Retouching tools

With PicWish Pro MOD APK, users can sharpen blurry images and upscale image resolution. PicWish also offers manual adjustments to give precise control to users over edits for making a unique and eye-catching art style. You can freely access and use these core photo edits within the app.

  • Blemish remover: With these tools, you can remove all imperfections to achieve a clean face in photos. Furthermore, these AI removal tools remove folds, smudges, logos, stickers, and logos with just one touch.
  • Brightness: This handy tool lets you increase or decrease lighting.
  • Contrast: By adjusting the contrast slider, you can control the balance between highlights and shadows. It depends on the situation if you’re elevating a graphic image and want to give it a dramatic look with bold details. Simply move the slider to the right for a sharper look. Conversely, move the slider to the left for a softer, dreamier look with reduced harshness.
  • Sharpen: Using this specific tool, users can enhance the image details, making its appearance crisper, and clearer.
  • Crop, Rotate, Resize: This APK tool lets users cut out any part of an image, rotate it, and resize it to adjust the image for a specific platform.

Besides, photo presets and stylish filters are also available in the app.

Streamline your workflow with batch mode

This tool of the PicWish MOD APK helps users let them edit up to 30 images at a time. The batch mode feature empowers users to handle projects of all sizes.
This handy tool makes this app more user-friendly, especially a blessing for agencies, professional designers, and freelance photo editors.
Because this tool saves professionals time, resources, and even energy. This is a great feature, but it’s important to note that it works best for similar designs since the same edit is applied to all images in a batch.

Likewise, if you need a white background for all your products, this tool will efficiently apply it in a batch. However, if you want to polish photos with different styles, you’ll need to edit them one by one.

Additional features of the PicWish MOD APK

With this innovative Android app, users can create a more fun creative picture by applying the creative effects of PicWish APK.

AI FaceSwapper Tools
  1. AI face swapper: The AI Face Swap feature cleverly detects your face in a photo and replaces it with another image of your choice. With this, you can swap your face with any celebrity and with cross-gender.
  2. Add text and logoPremium APK allows you to add stylish fonts to your images to convey messages in an aesthetic style. You can also personalize your photos further by adding your own branded logo.
  3. Premium Unlocked: All features, pro templates, and advanced removing tools, are completely unlocked. Plus, ads and watermarks are also removed from the apk. So, Download  PicWish Premium MOD APK and enjoy its full potential free of cost.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this PicWish MOD APK is your one-stop shop for photo editing. It offers a complete editing toolbox with unlimited AI features. With this APK, you can evaluate all photo edits in one place.

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