Unlock the full potential of your creative mind with FaceLab Mod APK. The creativity of your social media presence will flourish by applying the awesome effects of the app.

It offers various features like gender change, aging effects, beauty filters, and more.

FaceLab Mod APK

Key Information About FaceLab App

App NameFaceLab Aging, Beard, Hair App
Size40 MB
Latest version4.4.33
DeveloperLyrebird Studios
Ratings4.4 ★
Mod infoPro Unlocked
Updated OnJune 11, 2024
Requires6.0 and up
Compatible withAndroid, iOS, PCs
Google IDcom.lyrebirdstudio.facelab
App Info Table

The Ultimate Guide to FaceLab app

FaceLab app is a comprehensive photo editing app that offers a good range of filters and effects. In particular, users love its creative face editing features. The app’s unique tools like face swapping, transgender filters, cartoon effects, and hairstyles will amaze your friends. 

Additionally, ease of use and fast-loading features make users’ interactivity with the app more enjoyable and fascinating.

It integrates new gen-Ai technology with its features which overcome users’ workload and empower them to make more in less time. So, are you ready to learn more about FaceLab’s capabilities? Read below to explore Jack’s experience with the app’s stability and capabilities.

What is the FaceLab Mod APK?

FaceLab Mod APK: All Premium features Unlocked

FaceLab Mod APK is a modified version of the popular FaceLab app. It is designed for users who want to access all premium features without paying in-app purchases. With FaceLab Mod, you can utilize all premium features without limitations. Additionally, ads and watermarks are removed to give users freedom of creativity.

Here Is The FaceLab Tools kit You Can Use To Level Up Your Photo Editing Game

  • Face Aging Effect
  • Face Swapping Effect
  • Cartoon Effect
  • Beard and Unique Hair Styles
  • Beauty Filters
  • Make Up Features
  • Built-In Camera
  • No Ads
  • No Watermark
  • Premium Unlocked

Face Aging Effect To Check How You’ll Look in The Future

FaceLab Mod APK Young to Old Effect
FaceLab Pro Mod APK Old To young filter

If you are curious to know how you will look in future years or want to see yourself in younger flashbacks. You can do this thanks to AI technology in face editing apps. Many apps on the Google Play Store and App Store use AI to predict your future appearance. One such app is FaceLab.

With the FaceLab app, you can experiment with younger-to-old filters or old-to-younger effects. The younger to old filter of the FaceLab app will let you see how you look old. Additionally, If you or your best one spent their youthful days, and want to relive these days.

You can achieve it with the FaceLab App. It Transforms your old-age photos into youthful portraits, with radiant skin and sparkling eyes. The results of your selfies truly surprise you because of their realism.

Face Swapping Effect

Another fun filter of the FaceLab Mod APK is ready to amaze your besties. The FaceLab app offers face morphing effects within its wide range of face editing tools. With this filter, you can effortlessly create a funny and hyper-realistic face swap.
Simply upload both photos to the app and tap the “swap” button. It will take a short period of time to process and swap your face features with your desired ones.

Gender Swapping Effect

See yourself in a new Look in photos with the FaceLab Pro APK‘s gender changer effect. Thanks to this FaceLab AI feature. A boy can now see himself in a fully-girl version with long hair, dramatic eyes, and attractive eyebrows.

On the other hand, if you’re a girl, who wants to see your face with a beard and mustache to prank someone.

You can nail it with the gender-swapping effect in FaceLab.  With this, you can create hilarious images from your photos and see yourself in a different light. The app will change your portrait appearance from male to female or female to male.

Cartoon Effect

Cartoon filters in the FaceLab app can be a fun way to express yourself creatively similar to the ToonMe app. The app allows you to play with your appearance and show off a different side of your personality.

In the FaceLab app, you can find many 2D, 3D, and cartoony styles like Aura, Glam, Disney, Miracle, and many more.

Simply upload a selfie to the app and choose your desired cartoon style. The app will then transform your photo into a cartoon that resembles your favorite character.

Beauty and MakeUp Filters Collection of the FaceLab App

Share your stunning selfies with confidence! The versatile features library of the app helps Android users achieve beautiful and smooth skin. Furthermore, the photo retouching tool of the FaceLab analyzes your skin and instantly removes the blemishes, and dark circles, and even adds a touch of healthy-looking blush on portraits.

Besides, the app opens up endless new possibilities for users and lets them app makeup on their selfies to achieve a more dramatic look. Additionally, with this app, you can also add some extra fun elements to your photos with fun elements like fancy glasses.

In addition, you can explore similar apps like Airbrush, EPIK, B612, and BeautyPlus for applying virtual makeup like lipstick, mascara, eyebrows, and other beauty tools.

Level Up Your Grooming Look With Cool Hair and Beards Styles

Are you thinking of changing hairstyles and also colors for new upcoming events but unsure which style would look best on you? The FaceLab hairstyle transformation may solve your confusion. 

Within the app, you can try a variety of haircuts such as long hair, step cut, with brown, blue, & different color shades. Additionally, you can explore the various styles of the beard and choose the best one for your desired look.

Lively Apply Face Effects On Your Selfies

Now you can capture beautiful fun and engaging photos in the app. FaceLab offers a built-in camera to apply the app’s effects to your photos in real time. With the live camera, you can apply aging and gender effects instantly.

Easy To Use App Interface

The intuitive design and sleek interface of the app are good for both casual users and professionals.  In this app, every skill-level user can easily pick any tools of the FaceLab such as beauty filters, face swapper, and cartoony effects, and instantly change the look. Well-organized and intuitive app design enables users to easily navigate and access all tools without any complications.

Reshape Your Face For Fun

Every face on earth is beautiful. With this app, you can create new look photos for yourself. The app allows you to add fullness to your skin or achieve a slimmer appearance, all without needing specific diet plans.

How To Download FaceLab Mod?

Step 1

Open the ModyEdge website, find the download button, and click on it.

Step 2

Wait to complete the download process.

Step 3

Enable the All unknown sources settings.

Step 4

Find the pro apk file in your file manager and click on install.

Step 5

In three to four minutes, the FaceLab Pro Mod APK will be successfully installed on your phone.

Final Thoughts

At the end of our detailed guide on FaceLab Mod APK, let’s conclude it. In summary, the FaceLab Premium APK let’s opens up new possibilities with its creative fun features.  With the app, now you can check your feature look or opposite genders in no time.

So, Explore the app functions library, test on your photos, and surprise your social media followers with your new looks light.

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