Want to take your photos from drab to fab with just a few taps? Polarr Mod APK is your perfect match! The app offers a vast collection of filters, color effects, AI tools, and many more.

Mainly Polarr Pro APK offers all tools and features completely free to use. Download now and transform your editing journey to the next level.

Polarr MOD APK Pro Unlocked
Key Information About Polarr MOD APK
App NamePolarr Photo Editor MOD APK
Size81 MB
Latest version6.9.2
Mod infoPremium Feature Unlocked
UpdatedJune 17, 2024
Requires8.0 and up
Compatible withiOS, Android, PC
Google IDphoto.editor.polarr
Key Info Table
What is the Polarr App?

Polarr is a versatile photo editing app available on the internet. It’s compatible with almost all devices including mobile devices iOS and Android and desktop versions of Mac & Windows.

Additionally, the app’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for both casual and professional photographers to create stunning photos that stand out, thanks to its wide range of editing tools and features.

At the moment, the Polarr app offers hundreds of Photo and also video editing tools. However, some creative features of the app attract people lots more like its filters, AI adjustments, color codes, and more.

Stay in touch with the Article, we will thoroughly discuss all the features of the Polarr app. At the end of this guide, I ensure you will learn all about the app and you can create amazing visuals.

What is the Polarr MOD APK?

Polarr MOD APK is a modified version of the app with all Pro features unlocked. Polarr offers a free version with great editing tools. However, it also offers more advanced features, but they require a paid subscription.

In some cases, users might need advanced features but can’t afford them due to budget constraints. In this case, they prefer to go with Polorr Photo Editor MOD APK, because it allows users to use all premium features for free of cost.

With the Polarr Pro APK, users get free access to all filters, advanced AI tools, HSL adjustments, and even the 24FPS video editing feature. Additionally, with the Pro APK users can create stunning images without ad interruptions and download without watermarks.

So, are you ready to uncover all the secrets about photo editing and app features? Check out the highlighted features in the below section.

Here are the Awesome features of Polarr MOD APK

Polarr offers a good range of tools here we break them down into categories to find out your desired easily!

Adjustments Tools

  • Light
  • Color
  • HSL
  • Toning
  • Detail
  • Effects
  • Lens
  • Grain

Advanced Editing Features

  • Pro Filters
  • Depth and brush Masks
  • Local Adjustments
  • Batch Exporting
  • 3D LUTs
  • Overlays and Textures
  • Sky Replacement
  • Retouch Portraits
  • Fringing, pixelate, blur, vignette effects
  • AI Powerd Enhancing Tools

MOD Features Polarr App

  • Premium Unlocked
  • No Ads
  • No Watermark

This list gives you a comprehensive overview of what you can find in the Polarr app. Explore the below for detailed information on the features you can unlock and elevate your photo editing game.

Adjustments Tools Of Polarr Pro Mod APK

To start with, the most important part of photo editing adjustment tools, like Light, Color, and HSL to create more unique and impactful edits. With the Polarr MOD APK, you can change the entire look and make it to your desired style by using these app settings.

  1. Light: Using this handy app you can modify exposure, brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, and dehaze to create visually impressive photos.
  1. Color: With this tool of the app you can adjust the Temperature, tint, vibrance, and saturation to make your photo pop. These settings give you full control over fine-tuning the color balance and intensity of your photos, making them more vivid, dramatic, or natural depending on your desired look.
  1. HSL: Using HSL, you can adjust hue, saturation, and luminance for specific colors in your photos. With HSL, you can easily create variations of a color by just modifying the saturation or lightness. Likewise, if you want to give your image a brighter red look? Increase the lightness in HSL. On the other hand, if you want to give your photos an elegant look? Decrease the saturation in this HSL.
  2. Curves: This is a diagonal line you find in Polorr and other similar photo editing apps called Curves. With these line points, the user can adjust the brightness, color, and color.

    For example, if you want darkness in your images to create a moody atmosphere, you can decrease the exposure or increase the shadows in the Curves adjustment. Conversely, the above line point allows the user to add more brightness to your pictures.

  3. Toning: In the Polarr Pro APK photo editing app, you can use toning features to adjust the highlights and shadows in an image to create a specific mood or color cast.

  4. Detail: This tool of the Polarr app plays a helpful role for users in refining the sharpening and textures, making images more clear, and crispy.

  5. Lensa: Camera Lenses aren’t perfect, and their design can cause various distortions to appear in your photos.

    Fortunately, this problem is solved thanks to image editing apps. One of them is the Polarr app, which offers Lens correction tools to remove distractions from images, making them more aesthetically pleasing.
  6. Grain Effect: Film grain can add a sense of nostalgia, warmth, and texture to digital photos. By using these effects, you can achieve a traditional film photography look.

Vast Collection Of Customizable Filters

This is the primary feature of Polarr MOD APK. Millions of users love this app for its vast collection of customizable filters created by other experts. These filters are a blessing for newbies because they can change the image’s entire look and feel with just one click.

Additionally, the app empowers users to customize filters and create their own unique photo styles. In this way, you can level up your skills and contribute to the app community by sharing your custom-created filters.

Enhance your photo quality with the Creative Features of the Polarr App

In the era of AI, almost every modern programs and software integrate new-generation technology into their features to streamline users’ workflows. Similarly, the Polarr Pro Mod APK follows the industry trend and provides amazing artificial intelligence tools to transform the image visuall impression with one tap.

One of my favorite apps features its impressive face-detection capabilities and its most useful features for portrait photography.

This right part of the app detects image flaws like blemishes, imperfections, & acene stubborn and provides fully enhanced, smooth, and flawless photos in minutes.

Besides, within the app, you can apply flares, light effects, and swap dull skies with dramatic clouds to make your content more awesome.

Transforms Specific Areas of Your Photo with Local Adjustment Tools

This is another useful editing part of the Polarr app. With these tools, users can apply effects on the specific parts of the image instead of the whole image. That means this tool of the app gives much more precise control over the final look of your image. The app provides different mask variations check below and choose the best one that meets your editing goal.

What are Masks?

Polarr MOD APK Masking Effect

Image Masking technique used to select certain areas of your photo. Polarr Pro offers a variety of mask types to target different elements in your image.

  1. Depth Mask: (Requires dual-camera phone) Selectively edit based on the depth information captured by your phone’s camera. This masking effect is Perfect for adjusting the background blur or making subtle changes to foreground objects.
  2. Brush Mask: This specific mask works like a painting on your photo. Users prefer to use this Polarr app mask tool when they want targeted edits on specific objects, such as brightening someone’s face or darkening a distracting background element.
  3. Color Mask: This mask lets you select specific areas of your photo based on color. It’s perfect for situations where your main subject looks great, but the background colors don’t quite match your vision.

    By using color selection, you can transform background elements, like making the sky a deeper blue or flowers more vibrant. That means you can use this app’s features to make photos more colorful and visually balanced.

  4. Radial Mask: This mask lets users create a circular selection for adjustments. By using it, you can easily blur the area around your image, making the center stand out. The end result creates a vignette effect on your picture.

  5. Gradient Mask: This one helps users to apply adjustments gradually across a defined area. It’s useful for lighting certain areas of pictures or darkening them. Similarly, you can find a similar dodge feature in the Vasco app.

  6. Luminance Mask: In photo editing, luminance refers to the brightness level of specific colors. Masks target specific parts of a photo. This particular mask targets specific areas to adjust the brightness of selected colors. By using it, users can precisely edit highlights, shadows, or mid-tones.

Polarr App Color and QR Code Options

Streamline your editing work with premade color plates and QR codes in Polarr Pro MOD APK. If I say color palettes cause hesitation for beginners to select colors for photos, because they are confused about which colors work well together, well, worry no more! Polarr provides pre-made color codes you can apply to your photos.

You can even save them for future edits, allowing you to easily recreate the same color scheme without any second guessing.

Additionally, this mobile application empowers users to create a QR code of their well-polished image, allowing them to share it with others uniquely and conveniently.

Suitable App Interface For Everyone


Polarr app offers numerous powerful features yet is easy to use. Every skill level of users can find their desired features and apply them on photos. In addition, this app cares about the user’s choice of app interface and offers them dark and white modes to select which one loves their eyes.

It also allows you to customize the icon styles with simple drag-and-drop options. Besides, another plus point of this app its compatibility with all devices. Now, I can access my edited photos anytime, anywhere on my mobile, laptop, or tablet. This is a huge improvement.

How To Download Polarr MOD APK?

Step 1

Locate the download button, and click on it.

Step 2

Wait to complete the download process.

Step 3

Enable all unknown source settings.

Step 4

Open the file manager find the APK file, and click on install. All done premium mod apk successfully installed on your phone.

Final Thoughts

We’ve provided a detailed guide about the Polarr MOD APK now it’s time to wrap it up. In conclusion, the Polarr app’s intuitive interface, wide range of editing tools, and cross-device compatibility could be a good choice for anyone who wants to elevate their photos.

Easy-to-navigate features empower you, whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just starting out, Polarr offers the features you need to create stunning and impactful edits. So, if you’re looking to take your photos from good to great, download the Polarr Pro APK and start editing today.

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