The transformation of photos into 80s films is a breeze with the help of the OldRoll MOD APK. Whether you’re looking for vintage or classy retro looks, you can achieve them effortlessly.

Say hello to the OldRoll Pro APK and get photo filters, effects, tools, and Pro cameras, all for free.

OldRoll Mod APK Premium Unlocked

Key Information About OldRoll App

App NameOldRoll Mod APK
Size137 MB
Latest version5.0.4
Ratings4.4 ★
Mod infoVIP Unlocked (All Cameras Unlocked)
Updated OnJune 20, 2024
RequiresAndroid 5.0 and up
Compatible withAndroid, iOS
Google IDcom.accordion.analogcam
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What is the OldRoll app and how does it work?

In the early 80s, people loved vintage color photography to look energetic and vibrant. For that, we mostly see bright and vivid pop colors in our relative’s old photos. But how can we achieve this vibrant look in 2024?

You can reveal it in your photos if you have the OldRoll app in your pocket. Yes, you heard it right! OldRoll is a photography app that turns your vintage dreams into reality.

In the features set, the app offers a huge library of filters and effects Inspired by analog cameras. One of the most impressive features that I really enjoyed is its camera photo filters.

It lets you capture amazing portraits and selfies with just one tap. In the app’s spacious library, you can find different styles of cameras like instant cameras, fisheye lenses, old roll cameras, story templates, and many more. You can choose according to your desired photo look goal.  Let’s delve into the OldRoll and explore its potential features and drawbacks one by one.

What is OldRoll Mod APK?

The app offers two options for the users, one is a free version and the other is a premium version. Both versions of the app have different tastes. The free version of the app lets users utilize only basic features for accessing some advanced crunch it charges real money. On the other hand, the OldRoll Mod APK is a modified version of the original app. It allows you to unleash your photographic creativity with its freedom and unlimited features.

OldRoll All Mod APK All Pro Cameras Unlocked

You can freely use the 90s and 80s film filters and presets on your real-time photos. Additionally, the app does more favors for you and lets you add custom time stamps to your images to surprise your friends. Besides, the app is equipped with more photo-editing features Check out the list below.

Here is the List of key features of the OldRoll Premium Mod APK

  • Variety of Vintage Camera Effects
  • Realistic Film Filters
  • Customizable Date Stamps
  • Mirror Effect
  • Photo Timer
  • Photo Collage Maker
  • Easy to use
  • Direct sharing on social media
  • No Ads
  • No watermark
  • VIP Unlocked (All cameras unlocked)

Transform Your Picture Into Vintage Styles With OldRoll Pro Mod APK Camera Effects

OldRoll Premium APK transform oridanry photos into Vintage Look

Capturing your professional studio-looking photos is easy when you’re using OldRoll Mod APK on your mobile phone. The app offers a wide range of camera options, including 503 CW, TOY F, NK F camera, and many more. All cameras offer unique filter textures to create specific atmospheres. Check and choose the best one for your desired look photo.

503 CW camera Filter

In photography, colors, and brightness play a vital role. Arguably, it might be true these are the main pillars of picture quality. The app pretorizes users’ photo color quality and offers a 503 CW camera filter. Using this filter users can snap vintage, movie, and natural-looking images with one click. Additionally, this filter can blur the background slightly, making your subject stand out.

Classic M Camera

Most of the filter settings are similar to the previous one. With this filter, you can highlights and shadows, to maintain a balanced and realistic look. It may take inspiration from the Leica M6 camera, known for its classic film tones.

INS P Polaroid

OldRoll Pro Mod APK Nature Photography Effect

This filter is designed to capture the best moments with friends in an artistic way. INS P Polaroid filter instantly transforms your simple photo station into romantic movie vibes. It adds a vintage feel to your photos, mimicking Polaroid instant film’s unique color tones and light leaks. Additionally, you can enjoy a serious nostalgic atmosphere when it creates a white border on photos.

ROL 3.5 lens

Using this filter of the OldRoll you can add classic vintage vibes to your images and videos to evoke a sense of nostalgia and romanticism.

Pink Camera Photography Effect

The app offers pink camera effects, adding a touch of charm and vibrancy to your photos. You can use it to achieve soft & romantic pale pinks, rose tones, and blushes in your photos.

Chesse Camera Photo Effect

You can elevate your food photography to the next level with the help of cheese camera effects. Additionally, the app also provides Toy F effects to make it more valuable.

TOY K Camera Effect

The TOY K filter in OldRoll aims to replicate the aesthetic of the Kodak Portra 400 filter. If you want to add blur, boosted contrast, and a surprise light leak in your picture this effect can fulfill your dreams.

Print Camera

This is an awesome feature in the OldRoll APK Mod. With this feature, users can create amazing black-and-white or sepia look images. The final picture creates a photo booth effect, commonly found in public places with models.

Kira Camera

Using this camera filter you can apply amazing sparkle, shine, sparkle, and glitter effects to your beautiful photos. Sometimes it can add extra shine to photos. But don’t worry you can try different apps like Snapseed, Photoshop Express, and Fotor to improve the look of your photo and make it look stunning and visually appealing. These are the key camera filters to make photos more beautiful. Further, you can also explore the app to get more options like NFk, leather cavity camera effects, and many more.

OldRoll Mod APK Shining Cemera Photo effect

Realistic Film Filters

The 80s and 90s were known for their positive vibes and colorful aesthetics. Today, in 2024, many people still love this style and want to show it off on social media through photos. But how is it possible to add it immediately? You have the chance thanks to OldRoll Mod APK. It allows you to add your favorite movie styles to your photos with just one tap.

Whether you prefer the look of Fuji 400, Kodachrome, or a grainy black and white aesthetic, you can edit your photos to achieve them by using OldRoll Pro APK for free. Moreover, with OldRoll Premium Mod APK you can also add square film frames to make them more classy.

Make Fun Photos with Customizable Date Stamps and Watermarks

The app is truly comprehensive for users to show them in the past time. For that purpose, the OldRoll Disposable Camera app allows users to add custom past date stamps and watermarks on the looking filter images to make photos look like they were taken in the past. Further, this APK also enables you to download watermarks from the internet and import your images to surprise social media friends.

Classic Photo Editing Templates

OldRoll Pro APK Black and white effect

The app provides premade templates that can help make users’ creative minds more efficient and productive.  With these templates, users don’t need to adjust color, brightness, and sharpening manually.

However, with these templates, users can change the whole photo into a cinematic look with just one click. In addition, the app also offers some basic premade collage designs. However, you can explore alternative apps like Canva, PicSay, and VSCO for more advanced collage designs.

Light Up Your Photos with OldRoll Pro Mod APK Authentic Flashlights

Transform your low-light photos into realistic-looking bright environments with the help of authentic OldRoll camera flashes. While some beginners might think brightness is only used to lighten dark photos, it can also be used for creative effects.

Level Up Your Selfies With OldRoll Pro APK Retro Style Effect

If you are comfortable using the front camera to take photos, just like me. This app might be the right choice for that. This app isn’t just for the back camera; it also caters to selfie enthusiasts! The app provides various retro lenses to transform your selfies from ordinary to extraordinary.
Additionally, the app also gives the chance to capture a self-image with your comfortable pose. It offers a timer, to capture the perfect shot. You can set it to 5 seconds, 10 seconds, or even 20 seconds. it’s entirely up to you. In addition, you can also create mirror effects selfies to give a playful and unique touch.

OldRoll’s Most Trending Effects Among Photographer’s Communities

OldRoll Premium Mod APK Blur Effect

The OldRoll Pro APK offers a variety of effects in its feature library. However, some of them are popular among photo-taking enthusiasts. In my research, from shared images on social media with relevant hashtags, OldRoll users probably use a cool teal look, light leaks, Polaroid instant film, and glitches effect. Feel free to explore more filters in the app and choose your best because everyone has their preferences.

Easy to Operate And Direct Share Options

All app features are conveniently located at the top of the screen. Whether you are a beginner or a pro-level photo snapper. You can easily find out all the features and use them on your images to make them visually appealing.

After creating a masterpiece of art, it’s time to share your content with the world. The OldRoll Mod APK empowers you to share your content directly on popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Threads, TikTok, Snapchat, and Twitter(X).

How to Download the OldRoll Premium Mod APK?

Step 1

Open the ModyEdge website.

Step 2

Locate the download button and click on it.

Step 3

Wait to complete the process. The download will be complete shortly.

Step 4

Allow app installation from unknown sources.

Step 5

Find the Pro APK file from your phone and click on Install. All done it’s complete open the pro app and show your talent to the world.

Final Thoughts

After exploring the detailed guide on OldRoll Mod APK, let’s summarize it with some final words. In conclusion, the OldRoll Pro Mod APK offers a huge library of camera effects free of cost. Download the app and give your photos a next-level cinematic look.

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